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John Rogers在华典时空开业典礼上的致辞

A short presentation for the opening of the new shop.

I would like to welcome you here to celebrate the opening of this specialist French horn shop in Tianjin.

I would like to give you some background.

My name is John Rogers and I am the operations director of Paxman Musical instruments. The company is owned by me, Robert Paxman and Tim Jones.

Bob Paxman is still actively involved with the company after more than 60 years and continues to be in charge of product developments at the company.

Tim Jones is the principal horn player in the London Symphony orchestra and is therefore uniquely positioned to give us a valuable insight into what a player in one of the top orchestras in the world needs from his instruments.

My background is in brass instrument manufacture and marketing in the UK with companies such as Boosey and Hawkes and Besson.

Paxman was established at the turn of the century by Harry Paxman, but did not start production of horns until 1945, when no more than twelve instruments a year were made.

1950 saw the arrival in England of Richard Merewether, a professional horn player whose career had started with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. As his career in this country progressed, he found himself specialising more and more in the high register of the instrument. He had been working on ideas of horn design for a number of years and had researched areas of physics which he thought to be fundamental to the successful design and manufacture of such instruments. He approached Robert Paxman with these ideas, and persuaded him to build horns incorporating his ideas.

These instruments were so successful that Merewether and Paxman continued their association and went on to develop a range of over 50 models. They became a unique duo, known to players all over the world as the figureheads of a highly skilled team. Fifty years of research and development have produced the instruments that put Paxman at the forefront of horn manufacture. Instruments that are much sought after by players world-wide.

Paxman do not take their position as one of the world's leading horn makers lightly, and are constantly making great efforts to maintain their innovative role. Players' comments and opinions are actively sought, and there is continuous research and incorporation of advantageous modifications. Special requests are always undertaken where technically possible.

Each horn is carefully assembled and meticulously checked after manufacture to ensure that it meets the high standards expected of a Paxman instrument.

I first met Yuling and Tangpei in 2005, Paxman had for years had products made to fit the student and intermediate markets by European makers but the development of musical instrument manufacture in lower cost production areas and the pace of the growth in those areas made it necessary for us to find other partners to work with.

Our concerns had been that some of the products being imported were likely to be detrimental to the long-term development of new and improving horn students. We were determined to find sources of high quality manufacture, and with our design input to develop instruments that were made to a high build and playing quality requirement and not down to a price. I met Yuling and Tangpei and we started to work together at that point. We provided the specification of the horns incorporating designs that had been developed over many years and they supplied the manufacturing expertise. It seemed to be a logical move that as Yuling and Tangpei had good contact with the professors at the colleges and universities as well as the professional players in your country to appoint them as our distributor of Paxman horns into your country

We hope that the new shop becomes a centre of excellence for horn players of all levels as our shop in London has become over the years.

In closing I would like to inform you that I will be here for this weeknd and if you have any question please come and see me afterwards and I will be pleased to meet you.

In the meantime am sure you would all like to join me in Yuling and Tangpei every success with the new shop and continued success in horn manufacture.


                                         John Rogers




John Rogers在华典时空开业典礼上的致辞 



我是John Rogers ,Paxman 乐器公司的常务董事也是三大股东之一,其他两人是Robert PaxmanTimothy Jones

Robert Paxman先生在本公司工作了60年后,现在仍然积极致力于产品的发展。

Timothy Jones 是伦敦交响乐团首席圆号,由于Timothy这一独特的位置使他能够洞察到一个世界顶乐器级交响乐团的首席圆号需要什么样的乐器。

我的背景则是铜管乐器制造和市场营销,我曾经在英国的Boosey , Hawkes, Besson公司工作过。

Paxman 乐器公司是由Harry Paxman 创立于19世纪和20世纪之交,直到1945开始制造圆号,那时每年生产12支圆号。

1950年一位在悉尼交响乐团开始其职业生涯的专业圆号演奏家Richard Merewether来到英国,随着他的事业在英国的发展,他发现自己对乐器的高音区很有专长。多年来不断寻找认可他的设计圆号想法,并生产出这种圆号的厂商。他找到了Robert Paxman 先生并说服他制造出融入他想法的圆号。

这些圆号非常成功Merewether Paxman继续合作并开发出50余种型号的圆号。他们成为了独一无二的组合,并被全世界的圆号演奏者当做高级制作团队的代表,50多年的探索和发展Paxman公司成为圆号制造商的领军代表。Paxman 公司的圆号自然受到全世界圆号演奏者的追捧。

Paxman公司对自己在圆号制作方面处于世界领先地位从不敢掉以轻心,并不断地付出巨大努力来保持他们的创新角色,Paxman 公司非常注重圆号演奏家对乐器的评价和建议,并进行研究和整合有益的改进意见,我们会尽可能的满足演奏家的特殊要求。

 Paxman 公司精心组装和检验每一支圆号,以确保每一支乐器都符合Paxman公司所制定的高标准。


我们所关切的是:我们进口的一些乐器也许会对我们今后长期新产品开发和提高学生圆号的品质产生不利影响,我们决定寻根溯源,寻找能够制造高品质圆号的生产厂家——他们能够生产出融入Paxman 的设计,符合高质量演奏家的要求而且做工精良的圆号,而不仅仅为了价格低廉。我们与唐沛(Briz公司)的合作就是基于上述观点,我们提供Paxman设计的圆号样本,而这种设计融入了Paxman圆号的多年的发展。Briz公司则提供精湛的制造工艺,制造出高品质Paxman品牌圆号。

    由于Briz公司唐沛和冯玉玲与中国国内许多大学圆号教授,专业演奏家有很好的关系,所以我们授权Briz公司为Paxman 圆号在中国的总代理。

希望华典时空圆号专卖店和Paxman 公司在伦敦经营的多年的圆号商店一样成为各级别圆号演奏者之家。




                                          John Rogers






注:华典时空圆号专卖是Briz 公司直营店

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